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Love To Dream Tog Guide

What does ‘tog’ mean?

Tog stands for ‘Thermal Overall Grade’. Essentially it is a measurement that can show how much a particular fabric insulates.

Why do we need a tog rating system?

Swaddles are a popular alternative to traditional blankets as they remove the need for additional bedding and sheets while a baby is sleeping. Swaddles and sleep bags are given a tog rating according to the warmth that they provide.

How does the tog rating system work?

The higher the value, the warmer the product. Swaddles and sleep suits from Love To Dream are available in 3 different tog ratings.

2.5 Tog
Cold temperatures, for cold
rooms 16-19oC (61oF) and below

1.0 Tog
All year round, for standard rooms
20-24oC (61-68oF)

0.2 Tog
Summer and daytime naps,
Warmer weather and in
rooms 24-27oC (69-74oF)

**It is important to check your baby regularly to ensure that they are comfortable and that they do not overheat.**

What size do I need?

Please see our size guides to make sure you get the perfect fit for your little one.

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