Safe Sleeping

Our sleep expert Jo Tantum gives us her quick tips for safe sleep to make sure your little one is safe and comfortable during the night.

Tip 1
Try and keep your baby in your room until 6 months – as per lullaby trust guidelines. This is so you are near them and it’s much easier for night time feeds.

Tip 2
Make sure you swaddle your baby in a lightweight, breathable, stretchy material so your baby doesn’t overheat.

Tip 3
Synthetic bedding i.e. fleecy blankets can trap the heat and make your baby hot so all natural fabrics such as 100% cotton or bamboo are advisable

Tip 4
Laying your baby onto their back to sleep is advisable. A baby doesn’t have any neck control in the first few months and could end up face down on the mattress, obstructing their breathing.

Tip 5
A clear cot is the safest cot. Sleep positioners, cot bumpers and soft toys can all pose a suffocation risk so are best removed.

Tip 6
Make sure, as your baby gets older and starts to sit themselves up, that the cot position is lowered so that your baby can’t climb out.

Tip 7
When you set up your babies’ cot in the nursery make sure it’s away from the radiator. I would advise to turn the radiator off altogether unless you have a thermostat control on yours

Tip 8
During hot weather, by keeping the curtains and blinds closed during the day will keep the sun out and reduce the chance of the room getting too hot. Open windows to allow a breeze in, especially from 5pm onwards.

For more advice and support on safe sleeping why not check out Jo’s blog post.