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We put it to the parent test!

In recent survey by Love To Dream Australia, results show that 99 % of parents would recommend our Swaddle UP to their family and friends and 100% of our parent panel feel positively about the Love To Dream brand.

So what does this mean for new parents- parents running purely on adrenaline, caffeine and utter love and adoration. How does the Swaddle UP help when a new parent’s sleep tank is running on empty?

Well, it’s in the science. The Swaddle UP allows babies to sleep with their arms up, in their natural sleep position, as they did in the womb. Babies feel comfortable in this position, but they are also able to self soothe by sucking on their hands when needed.

It comes as no surprise that babies like to feel secure, cosy and snug having spent their entire life to date, in a perfectly predictable environment. They get to know and love their confined and cosy living space and once born, they are totally out in the open and it’s a shock to their system, let alone totally terrifying at times.

Within the first 6 months, as babies drift off to sleep, they often jolt themselves awake – this is called the Moro or Startle reflex. Babies feel like they’re falling and startle as a result! Picture yourself waking up mid free-fall sky dive! incredibly unlikely but you get the idea.

It’s a very good sign that your baby has a healthy nervous system and is thought to be a survival instinct however, when you’ve already put in the blood, (and literally) sweat and tears to get said baby to sleep, and then have to start the whole regime all over again- it can be very disheartening to say the least.

In addition to making baby feel safe and secure, our Swaddle UP can reduce a baby’s Startle Reflex. Our parent panel reported baby’s sleep time increased to a very acceptable average of 7.42 hours as opposed to a previous, much-frowned-upon, 3.83! Achieving almost double the amount of sleep whilst using the Swaddle UP- it’s no wonder parents love it!

Overwhelming joy, an abundance of love and utter pride is experienced when a new baby arrives. In extreme contrast, the new challenges you face- the worry that comes with the unknown, together with your irreparable instinct to protect and nurture, can interweave.

Night-time can become one of the more stressful times of day with a new born, perhaps because you apprehend not getting the sleep needed to function like anything more than something out of ‘The Walking Dead’ , but also because you are awake at unusual times, you might be even more aware of each and every one of your baby’s behaviours and you fear something may change whilst you sleep.

Is the baby too hot or cold? Are the covers tight enough or too loose? Are they breathing the way they normally do? Why are they waking so often?

These are very common questions that new parents ask themselves and these can be heightened at night-time. Our Swaddle UP helps to eliminate some of these worries for you. With tog ratings suitable for each season, and a handy clothing guide- you can rest assured your baby has suitable layering.

More importantly, getting their layering right, removes the need for any blankets or additional bedding that may cause you worry. You need not worry that their blanket has become loose and could pose as a breathing obstruction. Unlike traditional swaddling, the Swaddle UP has a handy double zip, so there is no chance of coming undone.

With an impressive 83% of our parent panel reporting an increase in hours slept by their baby, it’s no wonder Love To Dream is becoming a firm favourite in the list of essentials for a new born baby and a must-have in hospital bags.


Want more sleep? Swaddle UP.



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