An interview with the founder of Love To Dream

Hana Krawchuk, founder of Love To Dream, speaks to sleep specialist Kerry Secker at UK Health Radio about the benefits and simplicity of the SWADDLE UP. With it’s patented wings, it’s the only “arms up” swaddle giving babies the greatest range of movement whilst still performing the core job of swaddling. Reducing the startle reflex and making babies feel secure after being snug in the womb for 9 months are just some of the reasons babies love it!

Hana gives us an insight into the story behind the global phenomenon and Australia’s no.1 selling sleep product- the Swaddle UP. As a mum herself, Hana understands all too well how consuming your baby’s sleep (or lack of) can be as a new parent and from her own experiences of sleep deprivation for the first 18 months of parenthood, she created Love To Dream.

The Swaddle UP, best used from new born, encourages babies to sleep for longer but also more safely. Without the need for any additional bedding such as blankets or muslins- you can instantly eliminate the need for additional items in your baby’s sleep space.

This interview gives an informal insight into the inner makings of why the Swaddle UP really is an ingenious product- what new parent isn’t going to love the gift of sleep?

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