Love To Dream™ supports International Hip Dysplasia Awareness Month

Love To Dream™ are proud to help raise awareness of Hip Dysplasia and what parents can do to help prevent this condition from causing life-long disability. All of our Swaddle UP™ suits are designed with hip health in mind but the team at Love To Dream™ Australia have also designed a range of suits to swaddle babies who have been diagnosed and are wearing a hip harness, so you and your baby can continue to swaddle and enjoy the benefits of better sleep.

What is Hip Dysplasia?

According to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, this condition affects thousands of babies across the world and is known by many names but primarily, Hip Dysplasia means that the joints where the child’s leg joins their hips is loose and can easily be dislocated. This causes the joint to wear quicker than in a healthy hip and it can lead to disability later in life if left untreated. In the UK, children are tested for Hip Dysplasia at birth in order to ensure that the correct treatment can be started early if your child is diagnosed. 1 in every 6 newborns will have some form of hip instability but only 2-3 in every 1000 children will need treatment.

What can you do to prevent it?

If your baby is diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia at birth then they will be given a treatment plan which is likely to include wearing a hip harness to support their natural hip position and help the joints to stay connected as they grow.

If your baby is diagnosed with a type of hip instability but it does not require treatment, then there are some things you can do to help their joints develop properly and therefore minimise the risk of complications later on. Even if your baby is not diagnosed with hip instability, following these simple guidelines will help to ensure your baby’s joints have the freedom to develop and grow.

One of the most important things you can do as a parent is to enable your baby to sleep with their legs and hips in their natural hip healthy position. Unfortunately, traditional methods of swaddling using a large blanket or muslin, often lead to the baby having their legs down straight which does not promote hip health and can lead to complications.

With this in mind, Love To Dream™ developed the Swaddle UP™ sleep suit which has a wonderful curved shape that gets wider around baby’s hips and legs to allow them to lie open in the comfortable ‘frog’ position while baby sleeps.

Other things you can do to help include not keeping your little one in their car seat or pushchair for long periods of time as these restrict baby’s movement and keep them in a legs together position. If you use a baby carrier then ensure it is a hip healthy design and that your little ones legs, hips and back are fully supported and they remain in the ‘frog’ position while they are in the carrier.

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