Holiday sleep tips

Whether you are enjoying a staycation or travelling somewhere exciting this Easter, ensure your little one (and you!) get a good night’s sleep every night with our holiday sleep tips…


With the clocks going forwards, you might be struggling to get your little one to sleep at night now that it is light outside at bedtime. Here are some ideas to help…

  • Introduce and maintain a bedtime routine so that your baby or toddler will begin to recognise that it is time to go to sleep. We recommend a bath, a bedtime story, put on their swaddle sleep suit, a kiss night-night and then it’s sleep time.
  • Invest in a black out blind that will help to keep the room dark when the days get longer. You can buy blinds that simply stick to the window during the summer nights if you don’t want to invest in a new fitted blind or blackout curtains.
  • If you have a toddler, then a clock that shows when it is night time and when it is time to get up can work well. Explain the pictures to your toddler so that they understand when to go to bed.

Vacation in the sun

If you are heading to sunnier climes this Easter, then you will need to make sure you pack for the weather conditions so that your little one doesn’t overheat. Here are our tips for sleeping in the heat…

  • Always carry a room thermometer with you when you travel so you can see at a glance how hot it is in your child’s room. Hotel air conditioning and hot weather outside can make it hard to judge the temperature your child is sleeping in.
  • Pack light sleep suits or swaddle suits that are 1.0 tog or less to ensure your little one doesn’t get too hot at night. Avoid loose sheets and blankets to help them sleep safely.
  • Check our temperature guide to make sure your child is wearing the correct number of layers for warm weather.
  • If it is hot in your child’s room, then you can wet towels with cold water and hang them in the bedroom so that they cool the air. This is safer than leaving a window open or using an electric fan and is surprisingly effective.
  • Take a travel black out blind with you that you can stick in the windows of your little one’s room to block out the evening sun.
  • Remember to take your baby monitor and a plug adapter with you so you can monitor your baby while they sleep. You could even enjoy a glass of wine on the balcony of your hotel room, safe in the knowledge that you can hear your little one’s snores.
  • Try to maintain your normal routine so that bedtime is still familiar, and your baby or toddler will feel safe and ready for a good night’s sleep (we hope!)

Hitting the slopes?

If you are catching the last of the ski season this Easter, then you will need to pack warm layers to help your baby keep cosy après ski.

  • Rather than using lots of extra blankets to keep your baby cosy and warm, pack a thick sleep suit designed for cooler weather as this helps your baby sleep safer.
  • Try a 2.5 Tog winter sleep suit which is specifically designed to keep baby warm without overheating them in colder temperatures.
  • Check our temperature guide. If it’s really cold then you might need to put a vest, baby grow and warm sleep suit on so always check the guide when you travel to make sure your baby is dressed appropriately for the climate.
  • If your child uses a night light at home, then take it with you so you can create a familiar environment in their bedroom while you are away.
  • Sticking to your little one’s normal bedtime routine while you’re away should help to maintain their sleep patterns.

We hope that that you all have a restful break this Easter wherever you decide to spend it, we would love to hear about your adventures, and if you have any holiday sleep tips of your own, please share them with our Love To Dream community! Find us at

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