Newborn 3 Stage Sleep System

Stage 1: Swaddling a New Born

Some babies love to be swaddled but some babies really struggle and wriggle, all babies are different. When I have parents saying their baby hates being swaddled but still has the startle reflex and are bashing their face with their hands, I suggest the Swaddle UP! This brilliant product designed by a Mum helps babies sleep better in a natural position with their arms up by their face.
Constructed with a stretchy material, it also means that baby doesn’t feel too restricted but is still secure enough to stop the startle reflex waking them up.

Stage 2: Transitioning

Once your baby is around 4 months they will start wanting to grab at things- this is when their hand/eye co-ordination is starting to develop. Often parents will stop swaddling at this point and put baby into a sleeping bag, and very often this is when baby’s sleep pattern become worse, waking up more frequently and not being able to settle. After feeling secure within a swaddle or swaddle UP, they still don’t have much control over their hands, and it will take time to transition and for them to feel more secure.
This is where the brilliant Swaddle UP 50/50 helps babies transition slowly from one arm out, to later on both arms out within the sleeping bag.

To help with this process I suggest the following-

• Week 1- Have one arm out in the day for naps. Both arms in for the night.
• Week 2- Have both arms out for naps. One arm out for night.
• Week 3- Have both arms out for naps and nights.

If at any point your baby starts fussing and waking more, then go back a step for a few days then try again when they are ready. Your baby needs to have both arms out fully for sleeping once they can roll over for safe sleeping.

Stage 3: Sleepsuit

For the next stage of the sleep transition, the Sleepsuit is a very clever new product from Love To Dream.
The Sleepsuit is perfect for when baby has outgrown their sleeping bag but they are too little or too active to have a quilt. It’s also great if you have an active baby who is always wanting to be on the go.
It keeps your little one cosy with long sleeves and a luxurious quilted cotton, 2.5 tog body and legs. Their little feet can be covered for sleep and uncovered for play.
It also has mesh vents under the arms and a lighter chest panel to help regulate temperature and reduces the risk of overheating.

All in all, I would say that Love To Dream have it covered for safe sleeping, from your new born baby to your active toddler!

Jo xox

Written by

Jo Tantum